Annoucement No. 3/2022 of the Rector of Lodz University of Technology, of 24 January 2022

1. Due to significant deterioration of the epidemiological situation, I herby introduce the following rules related to the organization of work for non-academic staff of Lodz University of Technology, which shall remain in force until further notice:

1) the work of non-academic staff is organized in a way to ensure continuous work of the University in the areas of administration and maintenance. Heads of units and organizational units are responsible for appropriate work organization and continuity;

2) an employee’s superior, i.e. the Rector, Vice-Rector, Dean, Head of institute, Head of Department, Head of a university-wide unit, Chancellor or Bursar may order an employee to perform remote work outside the premises where the work is normally performed, for a time specified for the type of work defined in the employment contract. While making such decisions, the superior should bear in mind the type of work performed by the employee, the need to ensure the continuity of tasks performed by the unit and the Occupational Risk Assessment conducted as stipulated in Announcement No. 9/2020 of the Rector of Lodz University of Technology of 20 May 2020;

3) the employee is entitled to full remuneration in the period of performing remote work;

4) I oblige employees who have been ordered to perform remote work to provide their superiors with up-to-date contact details, monitor their university email accounts every day and remain ready to react to instructions from their immediate superiors;

5) I oblige employees who have been ordered to perform remote work to prepare a daily report on the activities they undertake, in accordance with the range of responsibilities assigned to the given position, and to send it to their immediate superior via university email;

6) employees performing work at the university do it under the same conditions as hitherto, in accordance with the Work Regulations of Lodz University of Technology;

7) it is recommended that direct contact with other people be limited to the necessary minimum and that all technical and legal possibilities are applied to carrying out the documentation transfer process, without the need for physical contact between the interested people;

8) superiors are going to establish, within their organizational units, opening hours limited to the necessary minimum;

9) in case of a suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection of non-academic staff, the rules of temporary change in work performance conditions shall apply, as specified in Announcement No. 1/2022 of the Rector of Lodz University of Technology, of January 5, 2022.

2. The announcement comes into force on January 24, 2022.